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How To Box-up Your Rega Turntable...
[so it doesn't get broken in shipment!]

This may seem like a simple task, but if not done correctly, your precious Rega turntable can easily get damaged in shipment if not packaged properly. The following example uses a Rega Planar 25, but is applicable to most Planar 2, Planar 3, P2, and P3 turntables. Please note we make no claim to the perfection of this procedure and assume no liability should you damage your table or yourself in using these instructions. - Rich Brkich, Owner, Signature Sound

Remove platter, turntable mat, dust cover, cartridge and wrap up the loose cords outback with some rubber bands, zipties, or twist ties.

Place the platter with its mat into the round cutout in the large cardboard sleeve. Close the top cardboard leaf and tape three open sides so that nothing can slide out.

Once you taped close the large cardboard sleeve, slide a plastic bag over the dust cover (sorry, missing the plastic bag for the dustcover in this pic, but it IS recommended at that is how the tables come packed from rega) and then fit the cardboard sleeve into it as shown above and place it aside for now. NOTE: SOME REGA PACKAGING PLACES (GENERALLY THE P5, P7 AND P9 AND A FEW P25'S) THE PLATTER IN A CARDBOARD SLEEVE THAT SITS ON TOP OF THE TURNTABLE/DUSTCOVER SANDWICH INSTEAD OF INSIDE THE DUSTCOVER AS SHOWN ABOVE.

Remove the counterweight from the tonearm if you have not already
done so. Run a piece of tape (masking tape works best if you have
some of the thinner kind around, otherwise scotch tape will do) around
the arm and under the body of the arm that contains the anitskate
adjustment. DO NOT rely on the plastic arm lock to keep the arm
secured during shipment!

The little V shaped cardboard piece above often gets lost. If you don't have one, make one out of a piece of cardboard. This slides under the black subplattter to elevate it off the bearing just a bit to protect it during shipment. Secure it in place with a couple pieces of tape.

Get the counterweight placed in the Styrofoam block and secure it in there with a piece of tape. The small RB600 counterweight goes in the opening shown, the larger RB250/RB300 counterweights fits into the opening/slot directly across from where the RB600 counterweight is placed. If you have a plastic bag for your table, this is a good time to put it on. The Styrofoam block sits on top of the black subplatter (there is a hole on the bottom where the spindle fits in it to prevent it from sliding around.

Now place the dust cover with the cardboard sleeve in it on top of the Styrofoam block as the above picture shows.

Now fit the Styrofoam side pieces into the sides of the plinth and dust cover as shown above.

No get the outer box on the floor. CAREFULLY pick up the table by the Styrofoam end blocks (keep your fingers underneath the table  when doing this just in case the table decides to slide out of the end caps on you), place it on the floor and slide the whole shebang into the box.

Tada! Your done! She is packed as snug as a bug in a rug. Tape the box close and ship it!

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